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    For over 30 years, Universal Roofing & Exteriors has put hard work, dedication, and quality service at the forefront of everything we do. Founded in 1986 by brothers Randy and Rob Yeary, our family-owned business has been known for honesty and integrity throughout Indianapolis.

    When you hire us for your residential or commercial roofing needs, you can rest assured knowing you’re working with some of the best Indianapolis roofers. From replacement to roof repair, we commit ourselves to every project with a detail-oriented approach that stands out in the industry.

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Residential Roofing Indianapolis

In the roofing industry, the most essential elements are hard work, quality service, and dedication. These elements have been ingrained into everything we have done for over 30 years at Universal Roofing & Exteriors.

Our family-owned business was founded by brothers Randy and Rob Yeary in 1986 on these principles, and we uphold them with honesty and integrity for all Indianapolis homeowners. Hiring us for your roofing needs ensures you will receive the absolute best. Whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair, roof maintenance, or a new roof for your new home, we are committed to providing exemplary work through and through.

With our top-quality roofing services, our goal is to keep you and your family safe and secure for years to come. We have the experience to provide affordable financing options, without ever sacrificing quality.

As Indianapolis is particularly prone to hail storms and strong winds, you need more than insurance to protect your home. You need a professional roofing company that will choose the right materials and work diligently without cutting corners.

Universal Roofing & Exteriors is a roofing contractor that specializes in serving all of your roofing needs. We take pride in doing things right the first time to ensure you feel safe and secure within your home. Our team has the training and experience you need for any roofing project.

Contact us today online or call for a free quote on our residential roofing services.

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Materials Used in Residential Roofing Indianapolis

Many homeowners have never had to replace a roof before. Plenty more of them aren’t sure where to begin when having a new roof installed or what to consider when it comes to repairs.

Universal Roofing & Exteriors uses materials that expertly fit your home. We will go over all of your options to find the best materials to fit your home—from clay and concrete tiles to asphalt shingles. We have a wide array of attractive options that can fit your architectural style and budget while upholding durability and safety for your home.

We go the extra mile for homeowners, and with free estimates, you’ll know exactly what to expect upfront. Contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting with you where you can learn more about your options for residential roofing.

Types of Residential Roofs

When you need a full roof replacement, you may be surprised at the options. As your Indianapolis residential roofing company, we will go over all your options and answer every question to help you make the best decision.

All roofing materials have advantages and disadvantages. They will vary by cost, durability, style, maintenance and repair, and installation. Additionally, they all come in a variety of colors and styles. We have you covered throughout the entire process to ensure you love your home’s roof.

For residential roofing, you will find these are the most common options.

Asphalt Shingles

Because they are inexpensive yet durable, asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular options for roofing materials for homes. You’ll find so many styles and colors to choose from, which can help you create the perfect aesthetic for your home. The lifespan of a roof with asphalt shingles is between 15 and 20 years. With proper maintenance through our roofing professionals, you can be sure we’ll help it last!

Ceramic Roofing Tiles

If architectural style and durability are important to you, our roofing company can install ceramic roofing tiles. This roofing material resists fading and is fireproof. It also can last for 50 to 70 years with proper maintenance. These tiles tend to fit homes with Spanish or Mediterranean architecture and can really enhance the appeal of your design. One drawback is that while they are durable, they are more prone to erosion with frequent rain.

Slate Roof Shingles

Slate shingles give a sophisticated look to your home. They look natural and are easy to maintain. They also resist rot and can last up to 100 years. While you will spend more upfront for these shingles, the cost will be worth it for the lasting capabilities it will provide. As slate shingles require extreme expertise, don’t just trust your roof installation to anyone. Trust our expert Indianapolis roofing company to be sure the job is done right!

Wood Shakes and Cedar Shingles

If going green is important to you, you should consider replacing your old roof with wood shakes and cedar shingles. They are reliable, budget-friendly, and ideal for reducing your energy expenses. A cedar roof will also require more expertise for installation and cost a little more upfront, but it will last and help you keep your home strong.

Photo of a Man Repairing Roof

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are an attractive option since they can be shaped into different styles before they are cured and sealed. This gives you many options for creating a unique look. Additionally, clay tiles resist rot, insects, fire, and water. They are incredibly sturdy, however, they are also one of the heaviest options—which may mean they are not right for your home. When you work with Universal Roofing & Exteriors, we will have a roofing contractor inspect your home to determine if it can support a clay roof. If so, this option may be ideal since it can last 50 to 100 years.

Composite Roofing

If you love the way stone, clay, or wood look for roof designs but they’re not the right fit for your home, consider composite shingles. These can provide the same look but are more lightweight than the heavier options and more durable than wood. You will spend more to replace your roof with composite tiles compared to asphalt shingles, but it costs less than stone, wood, or clay, making these a viable option. You’ll also have less to worry about since composite roofs can last between 40 to 50 years when properly maintained.

Metal Roofing

If you want something low maintenance and lightweight, you may want to choose a metal roof. Metal roofs are growing in popularity throughout Indianapolis. They can pose challenges during installation, though, which is why you should only choose experienced roofing contractors for the job.

Metal is becoming more preferential because it is both durable and energy efficient, as the chart below shows. It may be the perfect option for your new roof, too.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofing

As a property owner, you may need roofing services for your business or your home. We understand the unique challenges each of these presents, and our Indianapolis roofers provide quality service for each situation. 

You may need roof repair for your home after a storm, and Universal Roofing & Exteriors has the experience and materials to repair your specific home’s roof as good as new. Of course, you may wish to start over with a roof replacement or may need roofing for your new construction. We offer as many options as you could wish for, and we will work with you to pick the style you are happy with. 

We offer the same considerations to our customer’s commercial needs, handling whatever roofing repairs or replacement your commercial roofing may call for. Universal Roofing & Exteriors is also one of the few companies in the nation to be awarded Master Elite Installer for GAF. We are quick and efficient and will get your business’ roofing needs handled to your specifications with various financing options.

How to Choose Suitable Materials for Roofing in Indianapolis

When you plan a roof installation or replacement, it is essential to know if your home can support the weight. For this reason, it may not be possible to use heavier materials. In other cases, roofing materials may need a well-sloped roof to keep snow and ice from building up.

In all cases, Universal Roofing & Exteriors will be happy to evaluate your home and find a solution that fits your aesthetics and budget. We will also help you think about the lifespan of these materials and which ones may be best for you.

As you can see from the graph below, concrete and metal tend to outlast common choices such as asphalt shingles. Contact us today to discuss which materials would be a smart choice for your home. We offer free estimates to help you decide the right course of action.

What to Know About Maintenance and How It Can Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Scheduling roof maintenance and inspections twice a year can help prevent major problems. Roofing repairs can be much easier and less expensive when caught early on. We can check for missing or damaged shingles, leaks, soft spots, and other issues.

After severe weather, it’s also wise to have roof maintenance performed. We can check to see if fallen branches, hail, or strong winds have impacted your roof. As a locally owned and trusted roofing company for over 30 years, Universal Roofing & Exteriors has the team you need to help you keep your roof in proper condition.

As a locally owned and operated business, we care about the community. We treat every your roofing installation as though it’s our own. Our team upholds professional service, attention to detail, top-quality products, and open communication to make you feel like you’re a part of the family. Call us today to schedule your free estimate on our high-quality roofing services.

Why Choose Our Team? 

When you need a new roof or simply roofing repair, you could choose most any roofing contractor. Indianapolis is large, and there are plenty of locally owned roofers you could call on. Why turn to Universal Roofing & Exteriors? 

Simply put, we have 30 years of experience offering hard work, dedication, and quality service. We are a family-owned business founded in 1986 by Charles Randy Yeary, helmed now by brothers Randy and Rob Yeary. We run our business with honesty and integrity. We serve the Indianapolis area doing anything from a leaky roof to a full-on replacement. 

If you are looking for roofing professionals with the know-how to meet your roofing needs fully, look no further than Universal Roofing & Exteriors.

Customer Service You Can Count On 

We provide the best in Indianapolis roofing, so we also provide the best customer service we can. Once you have reached out to us, we will get back to you in a timely manner, our experts working with you to figure out exactly what roofing service you need. We offer a free estimate without pressure if you decide to go with someone else. 

However, our prices are some of the best in central Indiana, and we will do everything in our power to work with you. You can count on us to be reliable, honest, and dedicated to making you happy with your roofing project.

High-Quality Materials 

Are you worried about replacing your missing shingles with new ones that match? Looking for roofing that will be more resistant to hail damage? Just thinking about the roof color for your new building? Our roofing experts will help you through the entire process, and our materials are varied and strong. 

Several industry-leading manufacturers trust us to use their products professionally, so we work with the finest we can. You can count on quality materials the same as you can our service. 

We will never leave you with faulty your roofing systems that will call for maintenance almost immediately. Instead, we are trying our best to ensure that you will be covered for as long as possible.

Professional Roofing Company on Your Side 

First-time homeowners can quickly be overwhelmed with how much goes into their new home, especially if many repairs are needed. Owning a business is always demanding, with various costs and needs vying for your attention. 

Eventually, the question of roof and siding will come up, and that’s where our services come in. Our family-owned business has over thirty years of experience, and we will use all of that when we work closely with you to fulfill your needs. 

Actual experience cannot be bought, and it certainly cannot be beaten, so why not trust ours? We are on your side, helping to handle the roofing and exterior painting so you can put your focus on the other matters that need your attention.

We Are Here for All Your Home Exterior Projects

Universal Roofing and Exteriors is for more than just roofing. Our business handles all your building exterior needs, keeping your siding, windows, doors, gutters, and exterior paint in good shape. 

Our contractors are experienced in anything the exterior of your Indianapolis house or business may need, whether you are building or repairing. If you want proof, you can check our Google reviews. Whatever home exterior project you may have in mind, we are here to help. Homeowners need not worry about potential damages to their homes as long as you have us on your side.

What to Expect When You Hire Our Team 

When you hire us for a job, you can expect honest, professional service. We use top-of-the-line products, bringing the best materials to your project. We provide open communication with our customers, keeping you up to date with how it is coming along, and always open to your input. 

We bring experienced craftsmanship and attention to detail from all our staff, especially our trained, certified installers. We provide as much advice regarding projects and modifications as you need, and we respect you and your home. Whatever issue you have we will work to fix, and we will be as timely as we can be. Our installation team will get the job done quickly and cleanly, with as smooth a process as possible.

Your Roof Consultation

We offer free, no-obligation consultations. You need only call us or fill out the form on our website, and we will work together to figure out a solution to your roofing or exterior needs. If your home is insured, we can even work with you on insurance claims to ensure you are adequately compensated for any damages. 

We will give you our full attention and consideration in your consultation and will be honest, sticking to our word if you move forward with our services. If you decide otherwise, you are more than free to go, you have no obligation to stick with us if you feel you can find a better solution elsewhere.

Your contractor will also discuss whatever repairs you may need, such as hail damage or moss roofing services. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, we are happy to discuss your case at this stage. 

Roofing Inspection

For the past two years, we have been offering drone inspections. We use state-of-the-art technology to get the most clear view of your roof with no contact, to find what may need repair or replacement. This helps us see your gutter as well, and any other part of the construction that cannot be seen from the ground. 

Just because we are family-owned and operated does not mean we do not have the latest technology to help us and help our clients. Our methods are as advanced as anyone else in Indiana, so you need not worry about a contractor stomping around on your roof.

Installation Day Process

When all is settled, our installers will come to your home or business to make the repairs or replace what may be damaged. Whatever products you have bought from us will be installed quickly and respectfully, without bothering you or your family. 

We will not leave until the job is done and you are fully covered, so you will not have to worry about any part of it personally. We will install your shingles, repair your hail and wind damage, or perform whatever other service you may have requested and get out of your way as quickly as possible.

Roof Repair Services in Indianapolis

When you’re in need of Indianapolis residential roofing services such as roof repair, replacement, maintenance, and inspections, you can count on us to provide the best service in town. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, always look at the long-term costs for the lifetime of your home.

Our professional roofers will always advise you of your best options for roofing systems, systems, roofing material, and keeping your roof intact. Call our roofing company at 463-258-8061 to set up an appointment for your estimate or click our convenient contact form on the website to get started.

Once you make that call, you can expect that our responsive team will go over all aspects of what repairs need to be made on your roof before we get started. We will work quickly and efficiently to make these repairs and keep you updated throughout it all. You’ll never be left to guess or wonder what’s going on.

We take great pride in doing every job—big or small—the right way. We want to be sure you’re completely happy with the work we do and have full peace of mind that your roof is going to last.

You may notice some troubling signs such as finding roof granules in your gutters or notice shingles on the ground. You may also see visible signs of leaks permeating your home. Don’t wait until things get worse—get the help you need today by giving us a call. We’ll inspect your roof and determine the best course of action for your home.

Photo of Roof

Roof Replacement

Your roof is designed to keep your property’s structure intact while protecting your family and interior from the elements. If your roof has come to the end of its lifespan or has sustained significant damage, it’s time to call Universal Roofing & Exterior for an expert roof replacement.

We are proud to be a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, a distinction that only 1% of roofing contractors receive. Along with having over 30 years of experience in performing roof replacement services, we have seen it all and done it all. Choose us because we are fully committed to quality workmanship and ensuring your complete satisfaction before, during, and long after your roof replacement.

If you’re not sure whether you need roof repairs or a new roof, there are a few things to consider. Older roofs will do better with a replacement rather than making more frequent roofing repairs. Lots of missing shingles, valleys, or granules from the shingles in the gutters are all signs that may make you want to consider upgrading your old roof.

Don’t guess about it—let our experts come out and inspect the condition of your roof. We won’t urge you to replace a roof that’s still got plenty of life left, and we will make all repairs in a timely and professional manner so you can get back to enjoying life in the home you love.

At Universal Roofing & Exteriors, we are ready to get started with your roof replacement project. Schedule a consultation today!

Indianapolis Roof Maintenance

As an Indianapolis family-owned business, Universal Roofing & Exteriors urges all homeowners to keep roof maintenance in mind. Doing so will prevent the need for big repair projects and protect your investment. If you’ve just bought your home or had it built, the key to keeping things in good condition is to schedule maintenance at regular intervals.

There are things you can do to help minimize the additional burden on your roof. For example, you can protect your attic and gutter system. Making sure both of these components of your home are in good condition can keep roof problems from sprouting up while keeping your repair costs down.

We also offer drone inspections, gutter cleaning, insulation, ventilation monitoring, and ice damming. If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call. Ask around—we’re known by our satisfied customers for providing excellent service. You can rest assured knowing that we will always do what’s best for your needs.

Photo of House Roof in rain


What is the average cost of a new roof in Indiana?

It’s hard to come up with an average cost for a new roof in Indiana because there are a number of factors that will impact the price. However, with our free estimate, you can get a cost tailored specifically to your roof.

Every project is different, and we encourage you to get quotes to compare. You may even have a neighbor who replaced their roof tell you what they paid, but it could be vastly different from the price you get. The reason why is because of the size and style of the roof, along with the materials you choose. Some of these materials will cost more, making it a heftier initial investment. However, you may want to consider that upfront cost compared to how often it may need repairs.

We invite you to discuss all your concerns about your roof and the associated costs with one of our caring customer service professionals. You’ll be able to learn more about the options you have to compare and see which will be the best choice.

What you don’t want to do is get hung up on the cost alone. Looking at asphalt shingles, they are one of the top choices because they last a while and they look nice. Asphalt shingles can cost between $3.50 and $5.50 on average per square foot. Your total cost for materials will largely depend on the square footage of your roof. This requires a roofing expert to come and take precise measurements and calculations.

Metal roofing is often more expensive than having asphalt shingles installed. There are lower-cost options for metal, though. If you choose to have them sealed mechanically, that will further bump up the cost. However, metal roofs are an incredible return on your investment. They help make your home more energy efficient and they are less likely to need repairs over their lifespan. If you have had frequent problems with your aging roof, you may want to choose this option.

Flat roofs are another option that can vary greatly. They can be anywhere from $1.50 to $10 per square foot. The cost can be more or less depending on the size of your roof and the materials you choose.

In short, there are many options for your next roofing solutions. At Universal Roofing & Exteriors, we will go over every possibility with you. We will take measurements and assess what is possible for your home, allowing you to compare these options and get the details of our processes. We’re here to answer any and all questions about our roofing solutions, so give us a call to find out more about our Indianapolis roofing services.

Do you need a license to roof in Indiana?

It is not required for contractors to get licensing for roofing at the state level in Indiana. However, we recommend that you choose fully licensed roofing professionals to work on your home.

While it may help to check Google reviews, you should do your due diligence to choose the right roofing services for you. Universal Roofing & Exteriors is one of the few that has been named as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. This title is incredibly rare—only 1% of all contractors across the entire country have ever qualified.

Photo of Residential Roof

By choosing us, you will know you are getting the best roofing installation around, performed with the highest level of expertise. We only use the absolute best roofing products available and back them with the best warranties through the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty straight from the manufacturer. Simply put, it means your home will be completely protected and fully covered, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Other companies may not take this kind of care, especially if they are not licensed. We urge you to get referrals, ask questions, and look for this licensing to make a sound decision for your home. Whether you need residential or commercial roofing or other services done, it only makes sense to choose professionals who are backed by the right licensing.

Which type of roof is most common in residential roofing?

In the U.S., over 75% of homes have a shingled roof with asphalt shingles. This makes it the most common type, though you are not obligated to choose this material. We offer a variety of other options that can meet your needs and your budget. Contact us to schedule a free estimate and view the possibilities for upgrading your home.

When will my roof need replacement?

One of the most popular questions about roofs is when they will need to be replaced. The answer to this question will vary depending on the age of your roof and its current condition.

Other factors will also provide clues for when it is time to replace your roof. Universal Roofing & Exteriors are roofing experts, and we can help you decide on roof repairs or replacement.

Buckling and curling shingles are a sign to watch on your roof. This happens when moisture in your attic causes the nails to push out of place. When this happens, it loosens the shingles, and it compromises the performance of your roof, exposing your home to leaks and more moisture damage.

If you have algae growth on your roof, catching it early is ideal. If not, it will eat through your shingles. Shingles that are mostly composed of limestone are the most vulnerable. Trimming back your trees to let the sun shine more readily on your roof will prevent algae from having a chance to grow and thrive. It will also prevent branches from falling onto your roof and causing other damage.

When you clean out your gutters, pay attention to what’s in there. If you notice a lot of granules in there from your asphalt shingles, that’s a sign you’ll want to replace your roof. Without these granules, it can degrade the performance of your roof, leaving it more prone to leaks.

Even worse than missing granules, if your shingles are missing, it will cause many problems for your home. For this particular task, you will want to have our team of roofers in Indianapolis ensure the shingles are expertly replaced. Without shingles in the right place, it can cause rain to flow into your home. While you might not think one missing shingle is a big deal for most homeowners, it’s more than likely that there are a number of them that have come loose.

You should check your attic to check on your roof. If you see mold on the rafters or plywood under the roof, you’ll want to have our roofing experts come to assess the situation. We’ll let you know if we can take care of it through roof repair or, if the water damage is too great, how soon we can replace it.

Photo of House Roof

What kinds of roofs are available in residential roofing?

Shingle roofs aren’t the only option you have for your home. You can choose slate, metal, concrete, tile, and other options. The style of your roof and your budget will likely play a role in your decision.

Work with Universal Roofing & Exteriors to have the quality work you deserve on your home. We provide free estimates to help you make the best choice for new roofs. We’d love to be a part of your project!

What is the best material for a roof?

Every type of material has many benefits, though the one you choose will depend on your home and the angle of the roof. We will go over all your options for durable and cost-effective roofing. Sometimes, it may be best to invest in something that is a little more expensive upfront to enjoy years of maintenance-free living under your roof.

If you have roofing questions, we have answers. Contact Universal Roofing & Exteriors today and let us provide you with the exceptional customer service we have built our name upon for over 30 years. Our goal is to make the whole process as smooth as possible, allowing you to feel complete peace of mind in your home for a lifetime.

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    No matter what kind of Indianapolis roofing project you need done, we at Universal Roofing & Exteriors can help you to achieve it. Whether you want your roof to be repaired or to be replaced completely, we can do it for you. We can send a contractor to examine your existing roof and let you know what needs to be done. Once their assessment is complete, they can give you various options on how to proceed. Once the roofing project gets started, our assigned contractor will make sure that it gets completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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