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Finishing Techniques in Drywall Application
Finishing Techniques in Drywall Application | Universal Roofing & Exteriors

Finishing Techniques in Drywall Application

Finishing drywall requires more finesse than you may realize. Make sure your drywall finishing is done flawlessly by hiring a drywall contractor like Universal Roofing and Exteriors.

Finishing Techniques in Drywall Application

Drywall Finishing Levels

To provide accurate service to our clients, our drywall contractors practice the five levels of drywall finishing. Each level adds a new layer of padding to smooth out the seams of your drywall flawlessly. Here are the different levels.

  • Level 1 – We use drywall joint tape to provide cover over your drywall gaps.

  • Level 2 – For the second level, we use a thin coat of joint compound over the tape for better protection. This drywall coating covers the screw holes only; this is best used when you’re covering your drywall with tiles.

  • Level 3 – After the second application, the third level adds another layer of joint compound on top of your tapes and screws. The thickness of this level should be enough if you’re planning to apply textures on top of your drywall.

  • Level 4 – Here is the standard level of drywall finish you expect to have. We apply another coat of joint compound on top of the tapes and screws. We also sand out the dry parts to keep them as smooth as possible. Drywall painting is best applied at this level.

  • Level 5 – The highest level of drywall finishing. At this level, we cover the whole drywall with a skim coat of joint compound to make it look smooth and cohesive to the touch.

Drywall Finish Application Tools

Our team uses three tools to help them apply joint compound to your drywall finish. Each one has its own unique perks and methods of application.

  • Roller – A roller can be used to provide a simple way to apply joint compound on the wall. The mud can then immediately be removed afterward without much hassle.

  • Taping Knife – Using either a five or ten-inch taping knife, we’ll apply the joint compound around six to eight times to fully cover the gaps. Textures are quickly smoothened out and the mud can easily be scraped off.

  • Spraying – Our team also uses spraying equipment to make drywall finishing easier. Spraying allows us to cover your drywall with joint compound faster than other methods.

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