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5 Roof and Siding Color Schemes to Create a Lovelier Home
5 Roof and Siding Color Schemes to Create a Lovelier Home | Universal Roofing & Exteriors

5 Roof and Siding Color Schemes to Create a Lovelier Home

As the aspect that sets your home’s ambiance, the colors of your exterior can make a lasting impression. When choosing the right combination, be sure that your roof and siding will complement your home’s other design elements and surroundings. This allows you to create a stunning statement that will improve curb appeal.

5 Roof and Siding Color Schemes

Universal Roofing and Exteriors, your trusted roofer, shares five color palette ideas:

  1. Cocoa, Olive, Off White, and Russet. Rick olive-color brickwork and foundation greatly support the cocoa brown siding to surrounding borders. Meanwhile, olive green brightens up to moss green window sashes, accentuated by off-white trims. Picking russet hue with orange undertones for your entry door allows it to stand out from the siding. You can choose up to two nature-inspired neutrals to produce a look that will blend with your landscape.
  2. Brick Red, Gingerbread Orange, and Brown. Red and orange hues with brown undertones give off a beautiful, muted look. Supplement them with brown roofing shingles and window trims to improve the overall appeal.
  3. White, Black, and Gray. While this color palette is usually seen in modern homes to emphasize artistic lines, this also works great on old styles. Combining the white trim, siding, and railings with charcoal gray roof, vent, and steps can give your exterior a neat and elegant appearance. This can enhance your home’s historic profile.
  4. Country Blue, White, and Black. As the universal color for tranquility, you can never go wrong with blue. This lovely, calming hue works best in tree-lined streets. The white trim traces the roof peaks and windows while the black paint emphasizes window sashes and dentil moldings.
  5. Apricot, White, and Smoky Gray. This vibrant color scheme gives a modern twist to traditional homes. The soft apricot makes the siding bright, while the sleek, white paint emphasizes the home’s details. The smoky gray paint also improves the visual dimension of the front door and window sashes. You can choose a warm color with yellow or red undertones for your siding if you are aiming for an inviting vibe.

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