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How Important Is Roofing Ventilation?
How Important Is Roofing Ventilation? | Universal Roofing & Exteriors

How Important Is Roofing Ventilation?

A lot of your daily activities generate humidity which can be dangerous for many types of residential roofing systems. From taking a shower, to cooking dinners and even doing your laundry, day-to-day life involves a lot of use for water and, as a result, introduces a lot of moisture in the air inside your home.

How Important Is Roofing Ventilation?

This moist air often mixes with the warm air from your HVAC system and ends up in the attic where they condense into liquid water. This can cause a lot of problems to the mostly wooden support structures that hold up your roof. Let our experts at Universal Roofing & Exteriors give you tips on how to regulate humidity levels in your home and help you keep your roof safe from water-related issues.

Let Your Roof Breathe

Because a lot of the warm moist air ends up in your roof, you can avoid damage by giving this air a way to exit the roof safely. This is where roof ventilation comes in. Roofers often use ridge vents, soffit vents, and other ventilation access to allow your roof to “breathe,” and to minimize the dangerous effects of humidity.

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation

In a well-planned roof, ventilation can occur naturally through the proper placement of vents. These vents create a cross-breeze inside your attic, circulating the air and pushing the warm air outside. Some homes, however, use blower fans to produce proper airflow inside their attics. Both methods are effective, but which one will work best for your home can depend on a lot of factors.


You can also mitigate some common roof repair problems by insulating your attic in addition to ventilation. This can help prevent the moisture from condensing before it exits the roof, helping to further protect the structure against common water-related problems.

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