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5 Things You Should Know About Metal Roofing
5 Things You Should Know About Metal Roofing | Universal Roofing & Exteriors

5 Things You Should Know About Metal Roofing

More and more homeowners are choosing to replace their old roofs with metal roofing systems. In this blog, local roofing and siding contractor Universal Roofing & Exteriors shares quick facts about metal roofs.

1. Metal Roofing Does Not Attract Lighting — Some people are under the impression metal roofing will attract lightning during a thunderstorm because metal conducts electricity. This is a misconception; in reality, metal roofing actually provides better protection from lightning than other types of roofs. Lightning is attracted by the tallest grounded structure in the area, which could be a church tower or a tree. Metal roofs disperse electricity more efficiently than other roofing systems, which means your metal roof is far less likely to get damaged or catch fire if it does get hit by lightning.

2. Metal Roofing Is Quiet — Many homeowners hesitate to choose metal roofing because they’re worried it will be noisy when it rains, perhaps because corrugated steel sheds are indeed noisy. But metal roofing systems are very different from sheds. A full support structure that includes decking, underlayment and insulation helps reduce vibrations on the roofing surface. Metal roofs are, in fact, quieter than asphalt shingle roofs.

3. Metal Roofing Has a Longer Service Life — A metal roof typically lasts about 50 years, with proper care and maintenance. Comparatively, asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 to 30 years. Some homeowners get discouraged by the slightly higher upfront cost. But considering that metal roofing has nearly double the lifespan of asphalt shingle roofing, it’s worth the investment. This, coupled with the fact that metal roofs do not require as much maintenance, translates to significant long-term savings.

4. Metal Is Lighter Than Most Roofing Materials — Switching to a heavy roofing material like tile usually means the existing roofing structure needs to be reinforced or even rebuilt, even if it’s structurally sound. As the lightest roofing material on the market, metal can be installed on roofs that can support asphalt shingles.

5. Metal Roofing Is Impact Resistant — Metal roofing can get dented but does not shatter or get easily punctured when hit by hail or airborne debris. This can make the difference between a minor repair work and a major, costly repair or replacement project.

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