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5 Ways Roof Pitch Limits Your Replacement Material Choices
5 Ways Roof Pitch Limits Your Replacement Material Choices | Universal Roofing & Exteriors

5 Ways Roof Pitch Limits Your Replacement Material Choices

When choosing a material for your roof replacement, you’ll need to consider many factors like aesthetics, longevity, durability and of course price. But no factor is more important than roof pitch. The steepness of your roof limits your choice of roofing materials. Universal Roofing and Exteriors shares five reasons why roof pitch matters in today’s blog post.

5 Ways Roof Pitch Limits Your Replacement Material Choices

1. Affects Drainage

Roof pitch determines how your roof will shed rain and snow. The higher the slope, the better it is at draining water because of gravity. If the slant of your roof isn’t that steep, you need materials that lock together to prevent leakage.

Generally, asphalt shingles are the perfect choice if your roof is neither too flat nor too pitched. But if it is virtually flat, you need materials such as single-ply membranes, which are designed to withstand the effects of ponding water for a long period.

2. Determines Whether the Roof Is Visible From the Street

If you have a low-slope roof, aesthetics are the least of your concerns because the roof won’t be visible from the curb, so you can choose your replacement residential roofing material based exclusively on performance and longevity. If you have a steep roof, on the other hand, aesthetics are much more important.

3. Potential for Outdoor Living Space

A low-slope roof can double as a scenic roof-top garden or lounging area. To maximize the utility of your low-slope roof, you should pick a material with great resistance to puncture from foot traffic.

4. Determines Solar Panel Installation Feasibility

Compared to high-slope roofs, flat roofs work better with solar panels. The lack of roof pitch makes it easier to lay and fasten solar panels. If you want to harvest free energy from the sun, it’s more feasible to do so with a flat roof.

5. Determines Maintenance Requirements

The design of low-slope roofs is both a blessing and a curse. Low-slope roofs tend to require maintenance more frequently than steep roofs because of poor drainage. This is why it’s imperative to use the most water-resistant product on the market to minimize the need for roof repair.

Choosing a material not suitable for your roof’s pitch might nullify the product’s warranty and accelerate its failure. Discuss your project with an experienced local contractor with a solid reputation, like Universal Roofing and Exteriors. Call us at (317) 257-0779 today to get your roof replacement services in Carmel or Zionsville, IN, started, with a free estimate.

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