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The Biggest Reasons to Address Roof Leaks Immediately
The Biggest Reasons to Address Roof Leaks Immediately
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    The roof is arguably the most important part of the home; in fact, without a roof, a house can hardly be called a home. The roof provides comfort, security, and safety from the elements. So if the roof ends up with any kind of damage, it could end up compromising all of the qualities that the roof is supposed to provide. The roof is particularly susceptible to wear and tear since it is exposed to the elements, and in Indianapolis, those elements can be varied and unpredictable.


The Biggest Reasons to Address Roof Leaks Immediately

Regardless of the severity, roof leaks are always serious and require prompt attention. If you procrastinate, they will worsen and can eventually cause widespread damage in your home. Chronic leakage can damage your ceilings and make wall coverings buckle, sucking the strength out of building materials over time.

The Biggest Reasons to Address Roof Leaks Immediately

Whether you have a leaky residential or commercial roofing system, you should address it with a sense of urgency. Otherwise, here are some of the problems you may face:

Destruction of Valuables

If you use your attic for storage, your leaky roof can soak the boxes of items stored in there. Important documents, old photographs and sentimental letters could be gone in an instant. Electronics can be destroyed, as well.

Creates a Breeding Ground for Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in damp environments. Since they can spread quickly through the vents, these fungi can invade interior walls, furnishings and even pieces of clothing. Apart from their unsightly appearance, mold and mildew can trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory problems to sensitive individuals.

Damage to Your Insulation

Delaying roof repair for a leak can result in wasted energy. The leak can drench your attic insulation, causing it to clump and lose its ability to prevent heat transfer. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to compensate, leading to a spike in your energy bills.

Fire Hazard

If moisture from a leak comes into contact with exposed wires, a fire can start. The electrically charged water is a shock hazard.

Voided Warranty

Failure to detect and address a leak can accelerate the wear and tear of roofing materials. If the manufacturer deems the premature failure of the leak-affected component your fault, that may void your warranty.

Denial of Your Insurance Claim

In the event of roof leakage, it’s imperative to address the problem ASAP. Procrastinating can lead to your insurance claim being rejected.

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