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Metal Shingles Indianapolis  

If your current roof is giving you a headache, consider the pros and cons of metal roofing before patching it. Many roofing materials are available, whether you replace your roof or put a roof on a new home. No matter your roof style, metal roofs are an attractive alternative because of their durability, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance.    Metal roofing materials include steel (weathering, galvalume, or galvanized), zinc, copper, and tin. Style choices range from slate, shingles, tile, vertical panels, or shakes.    Rain on a metal roof produces soothing and calming sounds that rival meditation apps and white noise machines. Still, there are more reasons why this roofing option is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. 

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are many different roofing options to fit your budget, but doing a little research might show you how metal roofs are often preferred: 

  • Curb Appeal—Metal roofs are a far cry from the corrugated country barns of the past. Today,  metal roofs have more colors, styles, patterns, and profiles than any other material. While asphalt might offer 20 color choices, metal roofing is available in more than 100 colors. Aluminum and steel can both hold paint well.  No matter what your house style might be, you are sure to find a complementary metal roof that is durable and attractive. Many people mistakenly believe that metal roofs only come in long, vertical panels. While they do, there are many other options available. You may be surprised at how versatile and beautiful metal roofing can be. 
  • Seven out of ten homeowners living under metal roofs designed theirs with the traditional vertical ribbed panels or “standing seam” construction, but metal roofing is not short on style options either. Fans of more conventional profiles can opt for a metal shingle manufactured to resemble wood shakes, slate or clay tiles, or any other number of designs instead. The metal doesn’t have to stand out like a sore thumb to do its job; instead, it can mimic nearly any look using multiple-layer factory finishes that ensure that the appearance is not only beautiful but long-lasting and durable.
  • Long-Lasting—While few things last forever, the right metal roof can last for lifetimes. Take a look at historic castles, cathedrals, and buildings that have lasted for centuries. If longevity and low maintenance are part of your criteria, metal should be one of the first choices you consider. 
  • Lightweight—Since metal roofs are lightweight, they offer more choices than other materials, especially if you are re-roofing. Few roofing materials fit as well over existing roofs as metal. Add the vast array of options, and you have the ideal material for a roof replacement or restoration. 
  • Safety—While few roofs can guarantee that a fire won’t ignite, incombustible metal roofs can reduce fire risk to the roof. Metal roofs are also resistant to high winds and extreme weather. 

Also, metal roofs are fastened mechanically and don’t use a quickly deteriorating adhesive as an asphalt roof would (this is why asphalt roof wind warranties expire after only five years).

  • Environmentally Friendly—Many metal roofs are made with a large percentage of recycled material. They can significantly lower the accumulated heat in the attic, making them energy efficient. Since metal roofs are so durable and long-lasting, they won’t need to be replaced as often, reducing our impact on landfills. 


  • Expense—The longevity of a professionally installed metal roof doesn’t come cheap. Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs come with high price tags and installation costs. Metal roofing requires specialized tools, training, and equipment to install. While the upfront costs may be high, homeowners will recoup their money over the years. Asphalt roofs may need to be replaced a few times over the lifetime of your house. Your metal roof will probably be the last roof your home will ever need. 


  • Noise—Metal roofs can be noisier than other roofing materials, but many homeowners like the way it sounds during a thunderstorm or heavy rain. For extra soundproofing, you can add layers of insulation or solid sheathing inside to minimize the noise. 

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