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Roof Repair Indianapolis

Residential Roofing Replacement

Chances are, your home will be the biggest purchase you will ever make, and your roof is like the safety net for your home. It leaves you with a sense of security. We aim to bring a new level of trust and professionalism to your doorstep while we make your home’s roof like new again.

Our roofing company is dedicated to bringing top-quality roof repairs to our customers. We are honest in everything and take great pride in our work. Integrity goes a long way in this field, and when combined with our roofing repair team’s professionalism, those qualities help us stand out in the crowd. Every part of the process is discussed with your family so everyone is on the same page with what’s going on and when.

Our main goal is to keep communication flowing while we care for your issues as if they were our own. When you work with us, you are family. We are reshaping the way the world views roofing contractors one nail at a time and creating better roofing contractor services than most people envision in central Indiana and throughout Indianapolis. Most people will notice the extensive services our roofing repair company handles, including storm damage, missing shingles, commercial roofing jobs, and traditional roof repairs compared to other companies. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about roofing systems. You can get a free estimate of our Indianapolis roofing services or commercial roofing opportunities when you contact us for a consultation.

Residential Indianapolis Roofing Repair Versus Roof Replacement

When deciding whether to repair your roof or replace it, you will want to sit down and go over all the factors and what you need in quality roofing services. Depending on your situation, you may not need or want to replace the entire roof. However, sometimes you do not have the choice because the roof is too damaged. Here is a list of factors to consider when deciding whether you will do a repair on your roof or replace the whole thing:

  • The age of your home’s roof
  • The weather where you live
  • How long do you plan to live in the home
  • How badly damaged the roof is
  • How much would it cost to repair the roof and to replace it

Unless the roof absolutely needs to be replaced, then it usually is best to make whatever minor repairs will need to be addressed at the moment.

Indianapolis Roof Maintenance to Avoid Roof Replacement 

Indianapolis roof maintenance for your roof is a great way to get the most out of your roof. Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance of your roof will help your roof continue to protect your family and everything you hold dear. Scheduling routine roof check-ups will make sure your home is in tip-top shape. It lets contractors keep tabs on potential problems down the road and find hidden damage before these minor issues become major ones. A maintenance program can also prolong the need for a roof replacement.

As a roof maintenance company, we will begin with an in-depth inspection of the current condition of your roof right now. This assessment, along with any signs that critical repairs are needed, is then used to determine the best approach for your roof on a one-time or monthly basis depending on your budget and needs. We will go over with you the critical issues of the integrity of your roof and how it is performing. Once our roofing company has assessed your home, we will set you up with a scheduled maintenance routine that will get the most out of that old roof until it is time to put the final nail into its lifespan.  

Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Indianapolis

Whether residential or commercial roofing, one of the most common problems you run into with roofs is leaks. Leaks can be tricky to spot since they are not always obvious. They are usually around for a while before leaving traces of their existence. To repair a leak, you have to be able to find it. Water can be very difficult to see as well as trace back to the source. The spot where you see water and stains may be far from the roof damage, so fixing the issue can become quite challenging.

We understand that finding leaks in your home can be stressful since they can be tough to figure out without hiring professional roofing contractors. The first line of defense against the outside world is your roof, so keeping on top of leaks is crucial. Here are the most common causes of leaks in residential and commercial roofing systems:

  • Age of the property
  • Clogged gutters
  • Poorly placed fixings
  • Ice damming
  • Damaged flashing
  • Poorly Installed flashing
  • The wrong materials are being used for a roof with your pitch
  • Broken roof tiles and slates
  • The roofing membrane or underlay is damaged 
  • Missing roof tiles and slates
  • Condensation build-up in a loft area
  • Skylights or roof windows were installed wrong
  • The roof vent is damaged
  • Your chimney is cracked
  • Damage to the soffit
  • Damage to the fascia boards
  • Roof valleys are poorly sealed 
  • Working on your roof
  • Wildlife animals
  • Overhanging tree branches
  • Punctures
  • Water pooling up

The experienced roofers at Universal Roofing & Exteriors can look at your roof and point out the cause of your roof leak and provide you with a complete thorough repair process. Our roofers don’t just mask the issue with temporary treatments and bandages. We fix the problem the first time, so you do not need to worry. 

Photo of a Man Repairing Roof

How Often Should You Get a Roof Replacement in Indianapolis?

Roofs may last a long time, but like anything else in life, they wear down as they get older. Indianapolis roof replacement is right on par with other places around the country for the life expectancy of a roof, depending on the materials you choose for your roof.

The typical shingle asphalt roof will last between 20 and 30 years or sometimes longer if maintained properly. Of course, the exact amount of life you will get out of your roof will depend on numerous factors. If your roof is older than 15-20 years, it may be time to look into a new roof for your home, or at the very least, to start thinking about some repairs to keep the structure sound. Have your roof inspected by our Indianapolis roofing repair company to see if your roof needs a pick-me-up.

What Our Indianapolis Roofing Repair Team Delivers

When you decide to work with our professional team to repair your damaged roof, you can expect top-quality professionalism from our knowledgeable team. We go over the entire process with you from start to finish. We make sure you understand everything that will be taking place before we touch anything.

Your roof will be in great hands, and it will be appropriately finished quickly. Throughout the project, we will be in close contact with you so you are informed of everything involving the repairs. Additionally, we won’t stop at anything to ensure that you are delighted with the quality of our craft and processes.

Contact Our Indianapolis Roofing Company Today 

Give it time, and no roofing system is safe from problems. Luckily our roofing company can take care of any problems that arise. Shingles can be repaired and replaced, and leaky roofs can be fixed. Wind and hail damage are no match for the experts, never mind general wear and tear. We work with various roofing materials to ensure you get the right fit for your home.

Leaky roof repair may be a simple roofing patch with some new cement over wind-torn shingles, or it can be a lengthy process. The roof repair experts over at Universal Roofing & Exteriors can handle your commercial roofing and roofing repair needs. Contact our Indianapolis roofing services team today to see how we can transform your roof. Our locally owned Indianapolis roofing experts are fully licensed and prepared to handle both residential and commercial roofing installation, siding, shingles, or other job site needs. Our family-owned team is the best roofers in the area and will do everything possible to get the job done for our clients.

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    No matter what kind of Indianapolis roofing project you need done, we at Universal Roofing & Exteriors can help you to achieve it. Whether you want your roof to be repaired or to be replaced completely, we can do it for you. We can send a contractor to examine your existing roof and let you know what needs to be done. Once their assessment is complete, they can give you various options on how to proceed. Once the roofing project gets started, our assigned contractor will make sure that it gets completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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