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Signs You Need a New Roof
Signs You Need a New Roof | Universal Roofing & Exteriors
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    The roof is arguably the most important part of the home; in fact, without a roof, a house can hardly be called a home. The roof provides comfort, security, and safety from the elements. So if the roof ends up with any kind of damage, it could end up compromising all of the qualities that the roof is supposed to provide. The roof is particularly susceptible to wear and tear since it is exposed to the elements, and in Indianapolis, those elements can be varied and unpredictable.


Signs You Need a New Roof

Asphalt Roofing SystemsYou’ve probably noticed how, when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home, everyone seems to have an opinion. Whether it’s on how often to run your air conditioning during the summer or what color of window treatments you should consider. There is no shortage of amateur experts looking to impart their DIY ideas onto you. This certainly applies to your roof, where if anyone happens to see so much as a shingle on the ground around your property, a strongly-worded recommendation on getting a new roof is sure to follow. Yet it’s important to remember that you are the owner of your home. Your roofing decisions should be based upon your own observations, and not the unsolicited advice of others. Leave it to the processional by having Universal inspect your roof at no cost & no obligation.

4 Simple Things to Watch For

Before making an informed roofing decision, you have to know what signs might be indicating that it’s time to reroof. These include:

  • Your roof’s age: Most roofs are only built to last 15-20 years. Knowing the age of your roof and understanding its intended shelf life is an easy way to determine if you need a replacement.
  • Temperature variances between the upstairs and the downstairs: If you’re feeling hotter upstairs in the summer and/or colder in the winter compared to downstairs, that could be a sign that air is infiltrating your insulation, causing the wide temperature swing.
  • Shingles on the ground: While a single shingle found on the ground may not mean the roof needs replacing, multiple shingles represent multiple exposed areas on your roof deck.
  • Shingle granules in the gutters: If when cleaning out the gutters, you find them full of shingle granules, that means that the shingles and their protective barriers have started to erode away, leaving the underlying portion exposed to the elements.

Let’s Get You a New Roof!

Your decision to reroof is yours and yours alone to make. Make sure that you make the right one by keeping a keen eye out for any of the aforementioned signs showing you need a new roof. Make sure, too, that you call in the right contractor to handle the job. We at Universal Roofing & Exteriors are that provider. For a free assessment of your roofing needs, call us at (317) 257-0779 , or fill out our online contact form.

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    No matter what kind of Indianapolis roofing project you need done, we at Universal Roofing & Exteriors can help you to achieve it. Whether you want your roof to be repaired or to be replaced completely, we can do it for you. We can send a contractor to examine your existing roof and let you know what needs to be done. Once their assessment is complete, they can give you various options on how to proceed. Once the roofing project gets started, our assigned contractor will make sure that it gets completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.


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